Saturday, September 7, 2013



Auntie Bao could not believe the effect her goddaughters had on her rabbits. When the three sisters came to visit, they had immediate good effect not only in her barn, but on her general outlook about the family’s future.  The next time she saw their father, Bao Gu Gu punched his arm and made tsk tsk-ing sounds with her teeth and then said loudly, “Wa! Lao Bao, you so triple lucky! Your daughters are such good credit to the family. They are helpful and look after each other very well and all while each one is so unique and independent. Three such good daughters are better than three dozen sons.  Ai Yo, even better than San Min Zhu Yi for the Republic.”

This is for my beloved goddaughters....Rylee, Kasey, and Jamie

~from Victoria

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