Sunday, September 26, 2010

Li Li's Daughter

“Wa!” Li Li thought as she stepped into the warm sunny morning,
 “My daughter is as lively as a New Year’s firecracker."

~for My Uncle Al's 70th birthday

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dr. Esther Chin

Ok, so I agree this is not the type of art you usually expect from me.  A few years back when I was going through Menopause, I created this little character called Dr. Esther Chin, a dispenser of cures for HAREMONES. She gives out advice.  So if you asked the good doctor  what to do about  mood swings, she would prescribe a Gin and Tonic.  I  "doctored" this sketch as she used to be a rabbit. But once I removed her ears, I realized she is really a self portrait.

I am feeling light hearted.  I am once again in Nagoya and in a few minutes will join the magnificent Juli Johnson, a designer who works at Bunnies By The Bay, and she and I will ride shot gun in the back of truck with our hand made displays and little tins of touch up paint to install our first Bunnies By The Bay Hare Couture Boutique inside the Mitsukoshi Department Store here in Japan.  We hope to be back to our rooms by dawn.