Monday, July 2, 2012

Double Happiness

This past week, I spent the day with our four year old twin grandsons, Neko and Finn.  We spent the morning playing "traffic" which means grandma is instructed to write tickets for tricyclists who are "peeders."  The afternoon was spent playing hide and "peek".  They have trouble with esses.

I had made this painting when the twins turned one and now it hangs in their home.  While they ate their lunch I photographed it for my records. They came along side me as soon as I started clicking.  Unaware that I had painted it for them, they felt it needed some explanation,  "Dhat one is Koko and Dhat one is Sinn and that is Shy shy, our dog. And Dada and Mommy.

Neko and Finn are twice the joy.