Monday, December 31, 2012

A Dull Blade

I am in Chiang Mai, Thailand getting some much needed rest and sharpening. I am painting again after months of moving around and  not having any time in my studio.  I am feeling dull.  I have two works underway today and this one is not finished, but is of Little Gung's Grandfather.  He had a stall in the market at the end of our lane, where he sharpened farm tools and kitchen knives while also trying to look after his grandson. His grandson is Chen Wei Jung, who is now in his fifties and an engineer for one of Taiwan's large electronic firms. I ran into him recently in the Hong Kong airport as he was returning home after a long stint in China. We chatted for awhile about how we were both feeling dull.

But a good rest will sharpen us both up.

Happy New Year