Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Bright Future Electrified

At next dawn, Fung Yang would begin his new job at the Chai Yi Electric Company. It would be his first day working anywhere other than his uncle’s bicycle and motorcycle repair shop, where he had shown some natural talent fixing motors.
Fung Yang suspected that this new job would change his life forever and he dreamed it would better the prospects for his family.  He would be part of the bright new future that seemed just on Taiwan’s horizon.  Even so, while deep in thought he took extra care in feeding his youngest son.  He wasn’t sure if his new job would allow him to be home in time for DiDi’s supper ever again.

This fear turned out to be true.  Fung Yang retired from the Chai Yi Electric Company thirty years later, and, was never home in time for his children’s dinner except at Moon Festival and during the Lunar New Year holidays.  His little son, Di Di grew up to be a technician at a factory making television sets.  A bright future, indeed.

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