Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't Miss A Thing

Lee Huang Lai gobbled her lunch while keeping an eye on the road outside the Forever Prosperity Restaurant. She could not wait for her sisters a minute longer, afraid she would miss the return of Uncle Tu on the 12:25 bus from the big city.


  1. Oh wonderful, just wonderful! And you paint a new story every day - the person you knew all that time ago, who used to post a new painting on his gate - he must be looking down on you and smiling :)

  2. I visited him the year before he died and took several of my paintings to show him, including a portrait of him. He had very dry hands, almost like paper. He handled each painting, studying them and feeling the texture. Then he handed the portrait back to me. "Humph!" He snorted. " I am much more handsome than that."

    I agreed.

    Then he told me what bothered him most. "You know little Ming, your paintings can't be rolled up and hidden in a suitcase. If you have to flee from America, all your art will be lost."

    He was 96. He was still painting. He was still waiting for his starlet to return.

  3. you paint a new story every day,beatiful idea. cariños paty

  4. What a touching story of him, thank you for sharing. As to the painting, do I spot in the distance on a roof top Exceeding Joy?

  5. Beautiful illustration, what is the technique that you use to make your works? Best regards,


  6. as usual....loving your fills me with a wistful kind of joy! thanks for sharing

  7. Such a sweet setting and moment. Beautiful as always.


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