Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coral Earrings

Shao Pang was very proud of her coral earrings. Many had guessed that Mr. Wang-Tu Lee had given them to her the night she sang a lovely tune during the Feast of Excited Insects. But Shao Pang was no longer sure that this gift from Uncle Tu was something to be proud of. All week, the escape and subsequent joy ride of Uncle Tu's bird, Exceeding Joy, had unleashed a string of discussions on love and freedom among the women of Wu Fung Road.

When rumors flew that Exceeding Joy had been seen on the edge of town, Shao Pang was sad. "If it were me, I would have flown ten thousand li away and never returned to sing for Uncle Tu, no matter how nice my cage. Stupid Bird."


  1. Your art is so beautiful - dreamy yet touchable. The colors you use are so warm and the texture is wonderful! :) Silke

  2. Beautiful, nostalgic, poetic.

  3. The girl is beautiful, Wonderful atmosphere,images full of poetry a warm greeting,

  4. Shao Pang it seems knows how it feels to be in a gilded cage. I wait with bated breath to hear whether Exceeding Joy returns when Uncle Tu does.


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