Monday, January 30, 2012

Heading Home

Gong....Gong.....Gong....Ah Song had been planting rice all day.  The Pong Yang temple bells  began to ring just a few minutes before six.  All the farmers of the Mae Sa Valley understood that this low metal vibration, echoing through the fields, meant work for the day was done.  If the exhausted laborers gathered their tools and headed home when the last bell sounded, they would reach home before dark.

For Ah Song, her work would not be done.  There were still children to tend and men to feed once she trudged up to her mountain top home.

~Painting and posting from  Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Where I have been watching Ah Song from my veranda for several years.


  1. This is so beautiful. Take good care.

  2. Beautiful. I seem to remember a story about her that you wrote some time ago. I love your paintings and stories.

  3. I love your artwork, they are all so beautiful and each piece tells a wondferful story filled with detailed facial expressions.


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