Friday, December 3, 2010

Love Come, At Last

 Da Jie had been troubled for some time.  Her Uncle Tu’s, beloved song bird, Exceeding Joy had flown away a year ago and it seemed that sightings of this free and cheeky bird had been far and few between. It had not flown so far away, say like to the southern provinces, as to be completely out of mind, but far enough away that the daily routine of cheerfulness was silent and this had left a sore spot deep in the heart of Da Jei’s  un-tuned heart. It was not until a brief alighting at her window sill made her realize that if Exceeding Joy made even a small peep; just one tiny sound to remind her that love was still fluttering around her, it was enough to make her rise again.

~My month long trip to Asia ends tonight.  I am on my way home to my waiting family who suffer much with my long weeks away.  I missed Thanksgiving, but I am thankful for them and free countries who allow you to blog.  Most of my time away, I have been unable to access Wu Fung Road and the visitors who join me there.  Some of you have tracked me down no matter where I am.  Thank you.  You have no idea how much that helps.
It has been a hard trip.  Mostly it has been mind numbing and constant work , but along the way,  at critical moments and always when I least expect it,  Exceeding Joy  would alight on my window sill too.
~For Tamara, my sister and champion


  1. I am loving your glad to be following now....

  2. Oh...sweet post, made my eyes water. I am glad you are headed home where your love is needed. Beautiful painting. Hugs to you.


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