Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dim Sum and Tea

"A lot can change in an evening", thought Miss Han as she looked over at her lover. In one long dinner she had laid out on the table all her thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams, like hot steamy baskets of assorted dim sum to be sampled.  Her parents carefully tasted each juicy offering from her heart and offered advice and comments over each dumpling. In some cases the wrapper was too hard, and with some too soft, but always the filling was mouth-watering  delicious.

 But it was when her lover finally joined them that the meal suddenly turned spicy. Despite all her fears and doubts, everyone could see how Miss Han glowed when her lover took his seat at her family's table and when he too bravely offered all his thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams in front of her parents as if laying out an assortment of teas.

It was Miss Han’s Mother who saw clearly the feast that would lie before her daughter in the future.“My daughter,” she thought to herself as she poured tea, “is like a spicy dim sum dumpling; one bite and it bursts with flavor.  But this boy reminds me of these bitter shriveled tea leaves, swelling when you pour hot water over them, unfurling a gentle warm flavor, a comforting and soothing drink.”

A lot can change in one meal.


  1. This is adorable!!! I am glad she got him to the table on all matters. I think exceeding joy will pay them a visit soon.

  2. Love the story!! Merry Christmas Jeanne-ming!

  3. Jeanne-ming, such a lovely story. It's so delicate.
    May Christmas joy reign in your heart and gladden the coming year!

  4. I am glad the lover finally arrived!!
    And yes I agree with you, Dr Jeanne-ming, a cure and a lover would be the perfect prescription for me :)
    Merry Christmas dearest one, only good, true and happy things are wished for you from my heart to yours x


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