Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miss Han's Lover

Miss Han sat cool as a cucumber all through her brother’s wedding feast never letting on that her heart raged like hot and sour soup.  She was waiting for her lover to arrive and present himself and yes, even claim her.  But by the time the table had been cleared and fruits passed around to all the guests, Miss Han did not need to bite into chilly pears to know her boyfriend had cold feet and there would be an empty chair at this dinner and perhaps, all dinners to come.


  1. Oh no!!! Poor Miss Han :( After all that work on making herself look so beautiful in her perfect red shoes. I love the contrast of cucumber and hot sour soup to chilly pears... my sister, you are such a poet :)

    I am in between my flights to hospital as you know, but guess what? My big brother just arrived tonight from his latest adventures around the world :) He has been in hot countries for so long that to fight the cold, he drank one cup of hot tea, one bowl of hot soup and curled up in his bed heated by an electric blanket and is fast asleep... he's home for now :)
    Big kisses my beautiful Jeanne-Ming!! xxxx

  2. What a beautiful painting. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your header! My heart breaks for Miss Han.

  3. Oh! My heart aches for her. After such passion, such a chilly ending.

  4. Oh poor Miss Han. She is such a traditional Chinese lady, hot and sour soup boiling under the cool cucumber surface. I am not that kind, my hot and sour soup would have been explode at that point


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