Monday, November 8, 2010

Traveling South

Ah Tzen had always admired the judgments of her husband, but recently she had begun to have her doubts.  Perhaps it was Fung’s lack of planning.  When they arrived in the south to begin their new jobs,  it was only then she  discovered that he had not thought about a nanny for Little Kite.

~and so I too, head South, home to Taiwan.


  1. Oh this is a stunning portrait of a family! SO beautiful. Dear Jeanne-Ming I hope you have a wonderful time going home.

  2. Have fun in your trip. The painting has such beautiful sweet colors, very nice.

  3. Dear Jeanne-Ming, I love your paintings. I never tire of looking at them. They have a special quality all their own. They live. Each painting to me is a window into someone's life. You are just so talented.
    Thank you for being you, and the friendship you give to Shaista. You are very special.

  4. Is my pleasure, swim across the network and meet this wonderful blog, I intend to go many times.
    I've always been struck by the Eastern customs, but even more creativity in the areas of painting. Well, now let me continue, and I hope that when you want to visit my blog and we can share ideas and joys. Until then.Hugs

  5. i hope your journey home is everything you hope it to be. this painting is really wonderful.

  6. I love the facial expressions on your characters, Jeanne-ming! I hope you enjoy your trip to Taiwan :)


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