Monday, October 25, 2010

Ah Mei's Apple

When Little Sister eventually grew up and left the farm, she became an accountant for a large electronics factory in Hsin Chu. It would be revealed much later that this plant actually made parts for Apple IPhone. Her family were very proud and would often comment at reunions that even in the care of chickens and the gathering of their eggs, she had shown great management skill at a young age.

"No!" She would protest ineffectively, "I only counted them, I had nothing to do with how many eggs our hen laid". But as far as the Chen family was concerned, Ah Mei was solely responsible for the brilliance of the Apple company and the increase in their stock. And if they were disappointed that she was helpless in programing their fancy phones, they never showed it to her face.


  1. Beautiful! I love her face, the buildings behind her and the chickens! That color of red is gorgeous!! Hope you are doing well! Silke

  2. Beautiful image and intersting story of culture. You have to make these stories into a book along with your explendid images.

  3. I love your blog and your art.
    Love Jeanne

  4. What a rich and multi-layered story. Your stories always have such depth and humanity. ox

  5. I enjoyed the tale that goes along with your wonderful piece of art. I love your colors and the light it contains!


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