Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who Is It?

Yue Li had been in the back courtyard peeling carrots when she heard knocking at the front gate.  She knew that her mistress was sleeping and would not want to be disturbed, but the maid had been taught to answer every call, so she carefully opened the gate and whispered to the gentleman at the door, “What do you want?”

~I am Home, back from Japan. 

Before I left, I participated in Whidbey Island's wonderful Studio Tour and the first painting that sold was this screen.  I laugh, because it was an old screen I had in my possession for 30 some years and I had grown tired of the faded lotus blossoms on it.  The screen was falling apart and so on a whim I re-plastered it and made this quick painting. It is almost 4 feet wide, so it has been hard to get a good photo of it.  As I made last minute preparations for my show I realized I was short and so threw this old thing up on the wall to fill the space.  The first people who walked through the door bought it.  I didn't have a price and indeed, tried to talk them out of buying it for is was barely hanging together.  But they did. And I am glad.  They were the cutest couple.  They returned the last day as promised and told me they had made themselves a Chinese feast from scratch to welcome Yue Li to her new courtyard.


  1. That is the cutest story and I love the screen. Red is my favorite color, it just makes me happy and brings me good luck. Glad you are back from Japan. Tell me about Japan if you can, it has always held an immense fascination.

  2. I love the screen too!!
    It's witty :)

  3. What a wonderful story for an amazing piece. They are fortunate...and I can see why they snapped it up!

  4. What a fantastic story - and I can see why they wanted it, it's got a charm and presence :)

  5. I wouldn't mind peeking behind the screen too! I just love how the shades of red blends together. Have a good rest! :)


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