Friday, April 1, 2011

Sisters In Law

Li Mama and Mrs. Wu were sister's in law.  They were also best friends and shared many secrets. Both often confided to other relatives and friends that had they not had each other when first marrying onto their new  families, they would have died of broken hearts. 

~heading home


  1. Such beautiful painting!
    I love the stokes and the blues. Full of sentiments.
    So glad that they met each other.
    Have a safe journey and a nice weekend!

  2. I feel this, I relate to this, my core feels connected. The colors and expressions are perfectly perfect.

  3. Dearest Jeanne-Ming ...

    I absolutely adore this piece. It truly embodies the feelings hidden within these two.

  4. So beautiful an image. You feel their camaraderie. Did you paint this? Stunning.

  5. I did paint this. Some time ago.

  6. <3 it!

    I wish I could paint or draw. But it's always good to see that there is someone who can do it and I can enjoy by my eyes :-)

    greetinxxx from Germany, mel


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