Friday, April 15, 2011

Monks in the Sun

This post, as well as the last one, Sister's in Law are not  new work.  Before I came to the US to live some 15 years ago, I lived in Thailand. I never go anywhere, even now, without my little traveling studio-essential supplies for capturing what I see. I started this when I lived in Chiang Mai because I couldn't walk five feet and not see something I felt desperate to paint.    I would set up my portable studio at a tea stall on the side of the road and paint whatever passed my view.

I had a boy friend in my Taiwanese youth who broke up with me and  became a monk. So the sight of young monks anywhere in Asia fills me with odd feelings. I could not resist these young novices when they passed by. . And I wondered what lovers they were forsaking.

The Painting below-Sisters In Law, was painted when I was 16 living in the Pescadore Islands, part of a Taiwanese archipelago where I worked one summer in a clinic treating Leprosy. After a long day carrying boxes of meds to outlying villages on remote islands, I painted these two ladies waiting for the daily ferry that would take us all back to the main town of Ma Kung.


  1. This is beautiful and immediately spoke to me. Is there a place to purchase a print online?

  2. Thinking the samething as Rebecca.

  3. Every Time I view your artistry I feel like I am receiving a gift. To read that you have been bestowing these great gifts to others from such a young age...crazy incredible. Honored to have crossed paths with you dear Jeanne-Ming.

  4. Your images are so powerful and so are your words! I'm moved by your story!

  5. I have always loved this painting of I love all of them. The ones from Thailand, however, bring back especially happy memories for me. I remember when you went through your abstract phase there and would paint a whole canvas and then let me use the frame to find a "picture" in it:) These are happy thoughts.

    Tonight I am unpacking the last of my boxes in the new apartment...and hanging your pictures on the wall finally makes it feel like home. love you mama.


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