Thursday, March 17, 2011

On The Threshold of Something New

Mei En

Beautiful Grace sat in the doorway of the Door of Hope Girl’s Home waiting for something to happen. She had made a careful list of all the wonderful small blessings that might follow her to this threshold. By night fall, when she was called to come in for dinner, Mei En was convinced that none of her dreams would hatch, at least not tonight.  But tomorrow was a new day. 

~This weekend I fly back to Asia. I was suppose to be in Japan all of next week, but regretfully have been asked by my  friends in Tokyo to stay away; for now. So I will fly over them and continue on to Taipei, then HongKong and finally to Shanghai where I will be once again be surrounded by family. I have a new nephew,  Thomas Cattell born during my last trip  and a new niece, Mei En who just celebrated her first birthday.  I will introduce you all to her later.


  1. Hope is a beautiful thing and we need so much of it, especially our Japanese brothers and sisters,

  2. Beautiful! All your art is so divine!

  3. pasaba a saludarte!
    te dejo un fuerte abrazo!

  4. Watching your blog that brought me back to my childhood in Taiwan.
    Too much stress and burden from the life.
    The forgotten impression.

    Your sensitive emotion,
    I secretly took some……

  5. Have a nice trip, be safe.
    Love you. xo

  6. Her dreams will hatch!
    Thanks Jeanne-ming.

  7. Jean, always is a pleasure to watch your esquisit art.
    A big hug


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