Friday, March 4, 2011

 For several months it has been almost impossible for me to get into my studio and work. I have been traveling and working, so there has been hardly a moment for myself.   But tonight, I couldn’t help but throw myself against my boards, plaster and tools. I sought refuge in my studio.   This painting, started and carved tonight  is for my friends.
Friends I have never met but whom I love.

Shaista, my brave little sister who battles Lupus. I listened to her on the radio tonight and can’t stop crying. Her voice is so beautiful .  She is as articulate in sound as her poetry. Thinking about her has unleashed a torrent of emotion.

Maia, the passionate mother of Qui Qui and artist extraordinaire whose art and dolls sit on my window sill.  Qui, about to undergo medical tests…...  I hold my breath.  Not for Q, but Maia
Yoli-my steady friend, protector, and treasure hunter.   She constantly offers words of encouragement and just when I think I am alone, she reminds me I am not.  She is mother to three beautiful warriors. The header of my blog is Yoli and her babies.

Shokoofeh  -the young, talented and the totally FREE spirit living  in Iran..I lay awake in bed and worry about her every night. There is nothing Simple  about her.

Alliot, the brilliant designer and photographer who is mother to the talented Iza living in Hong Kong. Alliot's journal of her daughter  remind me how quickly my own grew up. Her writings of the competitive nature of being Chinese brings me to my knees.  I always feel Alliot and Iza's heart beat when I pass through their airport and lanes. ….so close, yet we haven’t seen each other...yet.

These women, unseen, are my friends and I would sacrifice much  if they asked me to.  Tonight I started this painting, two women sitting together chatting as friends.  Sharing secrets.

For all of you dear girls, tonight I am yours and you are here with me.
Thank you


  1. I love your use of plaster....such great texture! It all works together so well. I follow Shaista's blog...She is very special alright....the painting will be awesome....

  2. And I know you are here with me, and feel your presence. I promise you that if I ever need you, I will reach out and ask for help. But truly, dearest, you give and give and give me so much. One day when we meet, I shall make you laugh lots so you forget you shed any tears for me today and yesterday.
    Mum is writing to you now :) She read your email aloud to Dad and they are both very moved. We really needed something special today - and you provided it.

    I was alright on the radio wasn't I?!!! Whew. I think it made me sound quite the Sophisticated One... probably all technology :)

    Can't wait for this painting of Sister Friends...

    Big kisses xxxx

  3. What a lovely tribute to your heart sisters. Your tool collection is a wonder to look at! I am always grateful to your words of support and I am sure your heart sisters feel just the same about you. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  4. I'm touched by your heart warming post!! I always feel that we are so close ... sometimes I think we will come into one another on the streets :)
    I'm really astonished how fast a child grows ... all in a sudden ... at the same time, i find my parents get tired more and more easily ...
    After i read your post, i have revisited my early posts and tasted them like honey ... slowly and gradually ... a fine knob nets ... i am so grateful to "meet" you, my dear friend!
    Can't wait to see the finished painting.

  5. I am just reading this has been such a busy summer that I have not been able to visit my beloved blogs in months! I am so touched, and also...I ADORE seeing the images of your work space and works in progress. I love seeing studios and yours is so very beautiful and inspiring. OOXX


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