Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Great Leap Forward

Miss Bao wore her red envelope slippers the night she returned home for New Years. She had been on a long and fruitful trip. "Maybe," she thought, "This will be the year of my Great Leap Forward."


  1. One of the great things about your work is that each image and each story speaks to each person in a very personal way. That is one of your great talents. This speaks to me because I would love for this to be my year of great leaps forward. Wouldn't we all? I feel just as hopeful and uncertain and tentatively optimistic as this image. As always, the subtle power of your images amazes me. OX

  2. I love red, every red in your picture. This particularly red of the blouse seems like glowing. So vivid.
    I wish it's my year of great leaps forward too.

  3. Like Alliot, red is dear to me. It is also my favorite color and what I wear when I need to a boost of confidence. I don't dare dream of what tomorrow could bring but may it be as happy and passionate as the color red.

  4. Hi Jeanne!
    I love all the birdcages in the painting you use as a header. Someone who came into the shop recently was talking about an image that had many birdcages. Maybe a birdcage whirligig is in the future.

  5. this is the year of MY great leap forward!! And it wasn't even planned.

    Hugs to you!


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