Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten Thousand Lamps

There had been little that Wan Liao’s mother had given the boy from the day he had been born. He had no talents that anyone would notice.  He seemed to have no physical attributes that would set him apart.  He was not all that clever either. His mother took all her desperate dreams for a better life out on the boy, for when she had a chance to join the Hsin Chu Opera Troupe, she vanished without notice when he was five.

But there was one thing she did for her son; one gift she gave him that he was forever grateful for; his name.  Ten Thousand Lamps is a splendid name for a boy who would eventually become a monk.  When he arrived at the temple atop Chi Shan Yuan for his induction, the Abbot read Wan Liao’s name aloud and then paused  to look over the lad closely.  

“Ten Thousand Lamps,” he said with conviction,  “You will shed light on challenging questions and illuminate the path ahead for many pilgrims. I believe you will live up to your name.”


  1. This painting touches me in so many levels. Thank you for painting this, it is really stunning and so spiritual.

  2. It's very touching - thank you for "Ten Thousand Lamps" Fx

  3. Wan Liao, you are the Wan Liao!!
    So it is agreed then... 2012? Cambridge?!! I'm expecting you ;)
    This is so beautiful - you are a prolific artist indeed. At the bottom left hand corner of the painting - is that your signature?

  4. Amazing painting...Those deep rich colors have a depth that is shallow compared to your compassion and empathy that you are as a person..to know you is a blessing, to love you is a gift. Hurry home sister.

  5. Dear Jeanne-ming, you are always so sweet.
    Hands on my forehead :)
    And, thanks for Ten Thousand Lamps, splendid.

  6. It gives you goosebumps, being there on the street, seeing people who have been truly hurt by the regime...I have seen injustice, but it has never really "touched" me if you know what I mean. I never was hungry when I went to bed as opposed to the millions of Egyptian living below the poverty line. I got my education, and maybe that's why it matters to me. I want my country to be the best it can ever be. I love her.

    Love to you. xx

  7. The red in this picture is very lush and luminous. I believe this figure is a monk he seems very pious and deep in thought. I A very beautiful portrait.


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