Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Not everyone on Wu Fung Road was listening for Uncle Tu's return. Some were at school. Chang Fei had just been called upon by Teacher Li to recited a passage from Dream of the Red Chamber when he was interrupted by the gleeful singing of Uncle Tu's bird, Exceeding Joy, who had been loose and free for more than a week.

Never had a student felt more relief.


  1. I have come to love Exceeding Joy through your paintings. I don't think I could ever forget him either.

  2. Oh! It reminds me my old school days! My primary school was in a village, though not very remote ... it was a single storey building with a pitched roof. I always gazed outside the window looking for birds like Exceeding Joy, they made much more beautiful sounds than teachers :)
    We had the same kind of wooden desks with lots of scratches, lovely to touch! And, a wonderful piece of memory was that we could hear the chu-chu sound of trains when we put our ears on the desk.

  3. Hola,
    es la primera vez en mi vida que veo una obra como la tuya. Me encanta, es muy entrañable.

    Saludos desde Barcelona,

    Elizabeth Sandoval

  4. I love this painting! You do incredible work.


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