Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exceeding Joy

When Uncle Tu finally returned from his trip to the big northern city he was informed by a very nervous Mrs Chen that her third son had carelessly let the old man's beloved song bird, Exceeding Joy escape. She went on to tell him that every resident of Wu Fung Road had spent two weeks or more trying to either catch the bird or coax it back into its cage. She hoped that Uncle Tu would not be angry and demand compensation.

Exceeding Joy had flitted here and there, eluding them all while she flew about exploring the courtyards of Wu Fung Road and singing as she pleased. At last the wayward bird alighted on the outstretched hands of Little Kite, a child with no known ancestors but in the care of the Chen family as a possible future wife for one of their many sons.

When Uncle Tu saw his bird and the little girl together, he was suddenly glad to be back in Chai Yi and even happier to live on Wu Fung Road. The big northern city had been a disappointment and he had found no happiness there.

"Chen Tai Tai," he said turning to her. "It's alright. Sorry for the trouble my bird has caused you."


  1. I really enjoy your blog and work - thank you

  2. So beautiful as always. I love your art!!

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  3. She is really sweet!

  4. To Much in the head and the heart.

    My congratulations!!


  5. Oh my how beautiful this is!!!

  6. oh dear Jeanne Ming! you are so kind! :)
    thank you so much dear! very happy to have you! :)



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