Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Fitting Tune For a Fleeting Return

Exceeding Joy was glad to be back. In truth, her daring escape from Uncle Tu's courtyard and subsequent travels had only gotten her as far as the end of town. When she heard Little Wang, Teacher Li's poorest student, reciting ancient poems for his class, she suddenly felt the need to sing. Exceeding Joy came willingly to the boy and pondered for a moment as to what would be a fitting homecoming tune.


  1. Exceeding Joy seems to be fleeting but so welcomed when it lands.

  2. Hello Jeanne!

    I see here a lot of new works! You really work a lot. I admire your power for creation.
    Your paintings are perfect.
    I'd love to see one for real someday.

  3. I'll have to read this story from the beginning, your stories have me very curious, beautiful images as always, one kiss paty

  4. I came to your blog from Julie Filo's. Your work is just so wonderful! I love the warmth in this one~~
    All the best to you.

  5. Oh, I love to see this story continue!!

    Forgive me if I have (or haven't) already answered your FAO Schwarz question (delirious with flu is my only excuse!) but we did not see your boutique...I didn't even know there was a lower floor! But - haha! - I will be able to remedy that before long since (fingers crossed) I think we will be in NYC for a whole week in December! I'm positively giddy with excitement to spend some more time in my erstwhile "hometown". I will definitely stop in and enjoy your Bunnies By The Bay!! OOXX (And I agree with you...the planets are aligning, and one of these days soon I believe we will cross paths! I can't wait!


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