Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon

Lin Shaio Lan was running out of time. The Year of the Tiger was about to pounce upon her and still no baby.  Next year would be The Rabbit.  She was a Rabbit, timid to decide, but darting out of danger at the last possible moment. After that would be the year of the Dragon.  Shaio Lan thought, that at last a Dragon Baby would shut everyone up.   Maybe she should accept the standing offer to marry Mr. Wu. 


  1. No, don't marry him! The year of the tiger, my year. I love these close ups, the expression on the faces. Beautiful work.

  2. haha! Yoli's response made me laugh!
    I love her face and eyes, and the grayish purple!
    Actually, I don't know the coming year is tiger ... now i know ... will not mix up again :)
    When iza saw Shaio Lan's hair, she asked, "Is she me?" haha !?

  3. Beautiful, as always. I was a dragon baby. And Q of course my little golden pig.

  4. Jeanne-Ming,
    As always, your execution of expression is exquisite.

    Lin Shaio Lan,
    Listen to Yoli!

  5. It is a real pleasure to look at your art!


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