Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Visit to Reconsider

Lee Yu Ming had been working in the big city for several years when word reached her that her mother was weak and cried out to see her daughter every night.  Reluctantly she rushed home, pulling her only son out of school. It would be her duty to step in and take over the care of her  mother and the management of her old courtyards. As soon as Yu-Ming stepped over the threshold the same confidence that had driven her from it doors ten years ago now flooded back. It dawned on her in that moment that she had only been a mediocre business woman while in the city and that her son had not thrived as she had imagined he would. Some small glimmer of hope came over her.

~I am posting from Virgina, where I am taking care of my blind mother for awhile.  But lest you think I painted this painting recently, I did not.  I did it  four or five years ago, for Lee Yu-Ming and her son Da ren who left my side at Bunnies By The Bay where we worked together until she returned to her family. It surprizes me how this painting has comforted me this week.


  1. I wish your mother a speedy recovery. You are a good daughter to be there for her when she needs you.
    I have always felt that it is our duty to be there for them when they need us. They took care of us when we were growing up.
    My husband and I spent two months with my parents who are 95 and 86. My mother was recovering from knee replacement surgery.
    She is now well enough to come to my home,I am expecting them in about an hour for cocktails and dinner.
    Your painting and story are have a gentle soul...I can see that in your art.

  2. Love you, Da Jie. Wish we could be there with you...

  3. Thinking of you and your mother and sending you healing vibes. Take good care of yourself sweet lady.

  4. There's a tide that connects us all to our families. It ebbs and flows. We draw far, far away, and then we are drawn back again. It is only as we mature, bit by bit, that we understand what our families have done for us, where we differ, and those points at which we will be forever fused. Your insights always strike a note deep in my heart. I've missed you since we've been on vacation. Hugs to you from all of us... OX

  5. Wish all the best to your family.

  6. The painting is beautiful whether from five years ago or yesterday.

    Enjoy the time with your Mom dear friend.

    Renee xoox

  7. Friends,
    thank you for the support and vibes. I feel it.
    It helps!

    Love JM


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