Sunday, September 29, 2013

Three Is A Good Number

Three Is A Good Number

“I wonder how many children will make their way to me,” Mariko wonder to herself.  “Three is a good number.”

~posted in July of 2009 

A Family Affair
I gave this painting to Mariko in 2009, when my sister-in-law announced to our family that she was expecting her first child. She and my brother had been married barely a year and they were living in Shanghai in the house of yet another of my brothers.

My brother and Mariko now have two children. A few months back  while on a different trip here in Hong Kong, the topic was broached about having a third child.  There was a long and affectionate debate weighing the pros and cons.

But the decision was largely made when Mariko pointed up to this painting called Three is a Good Number and said with a slight hint of victory in her voice, “but Da Jie, you predicted we would have three.”

And so now a third is on the way.

Today I am alone in their house painting and I thought Three is a Good Number  needed some repairs.  It is chipped from their many moves.

Update:  the third....Julian Suzuki Brantingham 

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