Thursday, February 9, 2012

Double Happiness

When Little Lin 小林 had finished all her work, she would rest in the doorway, wondering about the house across the street and the people who lived behind the gate.   She wondered if they were happy.

Everyone was surprised, when she later married the son of the family who lived behind the gate. His family said, that having Little Lin join their family made them very happy.  In fact, they were double happy.

  for the  林's and the 林's of Japan
  Congratulations Mie


  1. Your stories are always so intruguing and unusual! You are playing with future and past through the present moment in a perfect way. You always surprise me and that's why I love to come here. To sit silently and to admire your paintings - always warm and shining in a way! Thank you!:)

  2. Thanks for the double happiness ! I love the stories behind your paintings and always believe that they are real :)

  3. JUST can be...this is so very LOVELY!


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