Monday, January 23, 2012


Lin Chia Shen and Lin Yu Shen left their home in Chung King by train, traveling overland to the big city of Shanghai.  There, they were to board a boat to KeeLung, a small harbor on the northern tip of  Formosa.  They had never met their large extended family in Taiwan and their father had not been home since he was a youngster.  Now that the war was over, they could at long last go to meet their long separated family.

But on the way, their  mother fell ill and died. Mr. Lin decided to continue the journey home to Wu Fung in central Taiwan.  The journey, once started as a joyful reunion, now became a trip of necessity.  He needed a haven, a home to raise his two grief stricken sons.  There, he knew they would all be loved and well taken care of.

Once inside the courtyards of the Lin family home, two year old Yu Shen refused to eat.  He cried for his Mama.  It was only his brother who could get him  to eat, and only if he fed him himself.  Yu Shen would also wake in the middle of the night, calling for his mother and that is when Granny Lin began leaving a light burning in the boy’s room while they slept so that Chia Sheg could comfort his little brother in the middle of the night.

When Chia Shen passed away at the age of 71, he still slept with the light on.



  1. Here I am crying like a fool. I hope there was some joy in their lives. It must have been immensely hard to live without a mother. I am glad they had each other.

  2. Such a lovely painting and story. They were so little to loose their mother. Chia Sheg must have been a wonderful man...he was such a caring child. The photo of the two of them holding hands is precious.


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