Friday, December 30, 2011

Ah Gwai's Love Birds

On December 14th Ah Gwai’s father passed away while running around a public track.  In a single day, the young 23 year old Special Education Major, learned that not only had she just lost her beloved father, but that another family with aunts and uncles and a half brother and sister existed; a huge extended family existed right under her nose, hidden from her.

Still, Ah Gwai knew only love.  In her short sheltered life, all she had known was love.  And that was enough.

~True Story

Dear Friends,
I have not posted since Mrs. Ma’s House Boy, another painting done for love.  It has been a long autumn and winter for me.  I have been on the road, working, since September 5th.  I am STILL out and about.

The story above is true.  My partner, friend, and big brother, Lin Chia Shen, keeled over while jogging in Zhong Shan, China while training for a Rugby Referee Training Session. He was 70.  He was crazy for Rugby.  He was minutes away from the door of our factory, the one that makes all of my Bunnies By The Bay goods.  

I had just left him days before, heading for Thailand to be reunited with my family.  He bugged me everyday I was gone, checking to see if I had cleaned the house, put on my make up, applied cream.  He was always concerned about the details and always said to me...."love is in the details."  Three short days later I was called back to Zhong Shan with unbelievable and still numbing news.
I am heart broken.

Yet, there is much to be joyful and grateful for.  Ah Gwai, will forever be in my life.  She is brave and strong.  We sat up late every night in the week afterwards comparing stories about her unusual dad.  
She was witness to an extraordinary love between her parents. 

I return to China on the second of January to help out at the factory until Chinese New Year. 

But before I go, I am heading to Kuala Lumpur  to spend New Years with my daughter and to finally meet, face to face, the talented poet,  Shaista of Lupus In Flight, my adopted sister/daughter who I and many of you who visit Wu Fung Road know is extremely special. That we are both passing through Malaysia at the same time is a "red thread experience". 

I am worn out and tired.  In my tears and grief I called out for help.  It came, a brief but cheery email announcing plans to be in Malaysia! When your call for help is answered it is always a pleasant surprise.  A visit with Shaista is just the medicine for me.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! He's an unusual and wise person.
    May you and Ah Gwai be filled with strength and peace.
    My thoughts are always with you.

  2. Beautiful painting and like alliot stated, my thoughts are with you.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. May you find strength in parting..*hug*


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