Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shiao Jen Decides

Little Jen visited her NiNi, a days journey by foot from home.  Her granny kept chickens and lived alone.  On the morning Shiao Jen was to return home, she thought long and hard and decided to stay and live with Granny until time to go to high school.

~these days I am in Chiang Mai, Thailand trying to relax and paint.  It is raining hard here in Mae Rim.  I have been traveling all over Asia since the beginning of September for work, and I am not done.  I return to Japan next week.  Hopefully I will get back to my mountain top retreat soon to finish what I have started.


  1. I wish you well in your travels. Beautiful work and stunning face.

  2. This is so lovely (as is all your work). I've yet to frame my monks, but look forward to the day when I wake to them opposite my bed. Thank you again for sharing so much beauty with us all!

  3. Jeanne Ming, your post reminds me my dearest granny. I really missed her!
    Though she's not longer with us, she's always in my heart.
    Love your vibrant red and the textures of the red hen!
    Though we've never met in person, but I always feel we are so close. Nice stay in HK :)

  4. I have come to enjoy your paintings and the stories that accompany them. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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