Monday, June 27, 2011

A Red Lantern

Miss Wu thought it lucky that her master’s home had not flooded during the great Typhoon Gloria. There were many small inconveniences that she dared not to complain of in light of the many neighbors who suffered from leaky roofs, drenched courtyards and saturated fields.  In her case, her employer’s home was plunged into darkness when the electricity failed. It seemed a small matter to everyone but to Shaio Wu who had to make her nightly rounds to prepare the bedrooms with a single lantern.  As quickly as it takes a mighty wind to pass overhead, her master  discovered that his heart was flooded with a new raging passion for Miss Wu.


  1. Beautiful and mysterious - as always. I love your use of light.

  2. What an exciting story, very well narrated!:) I would never suggest what's hidden behind the fact that Miss Wu is holding a lantern! Your play with light is magical, what a beauty!!!


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