Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travels of Little Bean

Shaio Dou Dou obediently chased  all of Granny Huang’s chicks safely to her gate. In truth it was not Granny’s chick’s that needed herding, but her grandson.  Ah Ma knew very well that  Little Bean would never come home in time for dinner unless given some impossibly difficult job to complete.

Many decades later, it surprised no one to see Dou Dou happily employed by the Forever Fortune Lotus Travel Agency as a tour guide leading gold toothed veterans and farmer’s wives with freshly permed hair through the coastal airports of Mainland China.

~ writing from Nagoya, Japan and passing through numerous  airports.


  1. Jeanne-Ming, Your Chinese calligraphy are beautiful!! Your story made me smile :) May see Dou Dou one day in the HK airport.
    And, welcome to Hong Kong!

  2. Hello Jeanne-ming

    Your little story and illustration are delightful. I think I know Dou Dou, or his cousin...
    Are your flights delayed with all the congestion world wide?

    Happy days

  3. Fun proves that Grandmothers have a big influence on their Grandchildren :) something to keep in mind. I love the softness of this painting.
    I hope you keep flying east...if you are on your way back home.
    Is it not amazing how a volcano in Iceland (my homeland) can have such influence on world travel?

  4. He has my spirit and his gradmother was as wise as mine. Beautiful painting.

  5. Another darling story, another gorgeous painting. Love to you in your travels.

  6. a experience of life .... i need lead :) sweet story.

  7. Missing you, hope you are doing well.

  8. it's as though you are painting with your words. beautiful.


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