Friday, March 19, 2010

Tea Leaves

When Mrs. Wu called for her maid to come and refresh her tea, Liu Liu thought this might be a waste of hot water and time. It had been several months now that Wu Tai Tai’s hopes and dreams had been sinking like the wrung out and over-brewed leaves that sank to the bottom of her tea cup every morning . But Liu Liu poured more hot water for Mrs. Wu, knowing that after lunch when she cleaned her mistress’s brewing pots she would scoop out soggy handfuls of tea leaves to heap around the roots of her little persimmon tree in the back courtyard, encouraging and willing it to grow.


  1. I like you analogy of wrung out and over-brewed write so well...I can see the images of your words in my mind.
    I have used tea leaves and often tea water from old leaves for my plants.

  2. What a delightful face. Beautiful.

  3. I enjoying reading the story as much as I enjoy looking at your painting!

  4. It's silly to say this. When I first read this post, I did not quite understand ...
    But I read this today, I suddenly feel sad for Mrs.Wu ...
    I am delighted to wait patiently for the growing of the little persimmon tree ... hope that there are fruits for the coming mid-Autumn festival.

  5. Hi, beatiful, te he extrañado, kisses paty

  6. are so great of your little descant of Mrs.Wu ...


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