Sunday, November 22, 2009

She Grows Paprika

This painting has no story and yet many tales. It isn't finished. I returned to my home in Northern Thailand two days ago and was pleased to find this on my easel. I started it a year ago and completely forgot about it. It is of a girl who lives across the valley. She carries her brother on her back to and from the fields where she and her mother tend Paprika plants. I have watched this trio for three years now and have many stories about their comings and goings. I watch them from my studio. They cannot see me.

~~from the hills of Pong Yaeng, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai~~~Northern Thailand


  1. Oh Jeanne-Ming! We missed you when you were in HK.
    This one is so beautiful! Love the face of the little baby, fields and mountains.

  2. how beautiful! so simple! thank you. kenza

  3. This is a magical portrait.

    My friends and I have all been baby-wearing mamas, slinging, strapping, tying our babies to our backs, hips and chests since birth, and as others in other cultures have for generations of time.

    This piece speaks to me.

  4. Such a beautiful piece! And I love the inspiration and story behind it.


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