Friday, October 9, 2009

A Late Night Song

After everyone in the household had used up all the hot water for baths and gone to bed, it was finally Ah Hwa's chance to do laundry. Perhaps it was the sound of water that drew Exceeding Joy, now a free bird, to stop by for a visit.

"So, what are you doing here?" The old servant inquired.

~from Hong Kong's Lamma Island


  1. This friend looks tired, like me, you only leave a hug and a greeting paty

  2. Sending you a big hug. Wishing exceeding joy would stop by my door. I have water and bread for him.

  3. Dear Jeanne... your blog is so beautiful. You truly amaze and inspire me. It is such a privilege to know you and work with you. Much love, Kristina T.

  4. Welcome back dear one.
    How is your daughter? :) I missed your works. and this one is so beautiful as always.
    I didn't know that blogging in blocked in China... only God knows where "these people" are going to...


  5. We miss you too when you're on Radio Silence! Welcome back to blogland! OX

  6. So beautiful Jeanne, a big hug for you!!

  7. Jeanne-Ming! Luminous Sister! How are you? I am so happy you are visiting with your daughter. Exceeding Joy must be sitting in your heart.
    Congratulations on the sale of your stunning painting of the red slippered mistress awaiting her unknown fate... you are doing so much good work for so many unknown people, pieces of your light are travelling to find them.

    I am struggling on with my own unknown fate - perhaps I need some red slippers? Even Ah Hwa has some :) Writing feels a little beyond me for now. The taste of words a little too slippery. I am terribly tired. Thankyou for your lovely words, and your strength from afar.

  8. wonderful! i enjoy every posting! each is such a delight and so tender, light ... thank you. kenza
    just bought this book for my son. a beauty. maybe you know the illustrator.

  9. I love your stories.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. He he he. This reminds me of a photo I have of my Grandmother hanging laundry with her Grandmother. The Senior looks so proud to be passing on her knowledge and pride in clean laundry to her Granddaughter. And My Grandmother (probably 9 at the time) has a look of boredom and "Oh, brother" on her face. Lovely painting as always!

  11. I feel so close to you!
    It's peculiar that it seems I can hear sounds from your painting!

  12. Hello. I came from the delightful A New Simple Something.

    Hard to find proper comments for an artwork. These words come to mind looking at your A Late Night Song: Sad, Nostalgic, Familiar

  13. Beautiful stories and paintings..

    Thank you for sharing..


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