Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Uncle Tu's Bad Trip

When Uncle Tu made his journey to the big city, he would never in ten thousand years imagine that his bird, Exceeding Joy, would be lost.

~home from the big city.


  1. Glad you are home, I missed you. I hope the wedding was all that you dreamed of and that you are settling in happily at home. Poor uncle Tu, loosing Exceeding Joy!

  2. My hair would stand on end if I lost my Exceeding Joy, as well.

  3. wow this is absolutely stunning! i love the colours you've used!

  4. i love this piece...the background is fab but does not overpower the gentle it!

  5. I look and read your blog entries and feel part of their story. That is a testament to your artistic ability. I often look at the characters you create and imagine them in real life, imagine them walking and talking, reacting to one another. Your art has depth and open a portal to the imagination. Beautiful!

  6. Thank you dear!
    fantastic art!!! :)


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