Sunday, July 5, 2009


Jade was feeling tired. Her long hours in Mrs. Chen's kitchen washing dishes was making her nerves feel as brittle and hard as her own name.


  1. Wow! your works are fabulous!
    thank you so much for your beautiful comment that let me know about your beautiful blog!


  2. p.s. what's your technique? do you scratch and paint?!
    I mean it, it's really beautiful!

  3. secrets...i will tell you! I use dry wall compound (used in America for finishing walls in homes) it is similar to plaster but more pourous. I lay it over boards. and then I etch, sand, carve, until I get the Picture I want. Then I prime it very loosely so the high points take the primer but the low points don't. Then I stain the whole thing and suddenly it is magic, the picture appears. Then I layer with acryics until I block in the basic painting. The last step is the faces and those I do in oil pastels.....then you have my secret. It's fun. Glad you like them.

  4. Thank you so much for your insight and support. My words are not even close to sufficient to describe how grateful I am.

    Also, I am glad that Shokoofeh asked about your technique, because it's delightful to read your answers. I love to know how you come up with your beautiful images, and I also love when people experiment and use unusual media to create.

    Much love from our whole family.

  5. wonderful work! I love how you write a little story about the picture. You should write a childrens book!

  6. Hi, I found you from a link on Julie Filo's blog. Your art is beautiful! I enjoy the stories that you write with each piece also.

  7. I am just as captivated as anyone who comes across your exquisite work. I am especially in love with your mother holding a baby and the statement that 3 is enough. As you know, that is dear to my heart. I am so glad you shared your technique, there is a lot of love an labor involved in these breath taking images.

  8. Hello, I've popped over from Yoli's blog. She said your artwork is magical. And she is SO right!! Your technique is fascinating.

  9. Jeanne-ming,

    I read your words and got goosebumps (and a few tears). What a fabulous generation of women you have in your life. How I would have loved to meet your greatgrandmother and ask her so many many questions...about Pearl...her patients...her inspiring and much needed work on those women's feet and souls! Anytime I will hear my name...I will forever associate it with your greatgrandmother. I would love it if you ever decided to email me and share a little bit more about her.It deserves being told, pass on. I am in awe of brave women!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all that with me. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL.



  10. I just came across your blog and I love your artwork and the beautiful stories that go with them. The colors are wonderful too.

  11. Dear Jeanne-Ming, I am at this very moment reading every single one of your posts to Father. He is sitting in the conservatory, and we are going through each of your stories and I am describing the images as best I can. This set of comments is so interesting as it reveals Your 'Secrets' as you call them :)


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